Ultra high-speed, versatile thermal POS printer

  • Robust and reliable - splash and dust proof to withstand extreme environments
  • Two-colour printing capability
  • RS232C + USB, Parallel or LAN connectivity models
  • Auto cutter (partial-cut) - to enable clean removal of printed receipts
  • Buzzer function for print complete notification for use in environments with high noise levels

Perfect for extremely demanding environments

The PT390 is built with optimum driver/firmware combined with a print mechanism of 260mm/sec enabling ultra high speed printing. In addition, it has a high capacity memory making it perfect for busy and time critical, customer focused environments such as retail and hospitality.    


Designed for the harshest working conditions

Thanks to its compact design and unique front exit paper path the PT390 can be placed either on or under the counter, making it suitable for locations where space is at a premium. Splash and dust proof, the PT390 will continue to deliver even in the harshest work environments.


The resident buzzer “beep” function notifies print job completion. This functionality, which comes as standard with the PT390, is beneficial for environments with high noise levels such as restaurants or auto mechanic businesses.


Flexible point of service printing

The PT390 has a highly flexible media capability so you are no longer restricted to a single paper type or size.   With a choice of 4 paper width options (82.5mm, 80mm, 60mm and 58mm) and the capability to handle media of varying thickness (from 60 micron to 150 micron,) you can now print on a variety of media types and sizes to meet your different point of service needs including receipts, coupons and tickets.


The PT390 supports both 203dpi (standard) and 180dpi (in extension mode). It also supports nine types of 1-dimension barcodes, and three types of 2-dimension barcodes enabling you to choose a suitable barcode to fit all your requirements.


With a storage capacity of up to 384KB, you can store a number of different graphics or logos within the unit.


These additional features come as standard with the PT390, providing you with the ability to print the point of sale applications required for your business from receipts through to coupons and tickets with graphics and bar-codes. And by utilizing either red, blue or green characters, you can emphasize campaign or discount information. Printed colour type depends on thermal paper.


Save paper and money

With the PT390, you can now reduce the amount of paper used for printing, resulting in a reduction in costs as well as your carbon footprint.  This can be achieved in two ways.  Firstly, by reducing the top section of a receipt that is usually left blank by back-feeding the paper after each receipt is printed.  This can save paper usage by approximately 4.7% based on printing receipts of 150mm lengths, or 2.9% based on printing receipts of 250mm lengths*

* Based on 75µm thickness, 80mm diameter roll paper.


Alternatively paper usage can be reduced through the use of a Windows driver which includes a feature to shrink the vertical print size, slashing receipt lengths by up to 50% without loss of printed information. This feature can result in up to 50% in paper cost reduction, depending on the size of receipt printed.

* Feature available only in 203dpi mode.

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